We Got the Car on the Hauler Today

I sort of wonder what the IRS would say if they know that I have been working on this car a good percentage of the last year instead of working in the shop. Of course the boss owns the machine shop and the rest of the factory, and I work for him. It is pretty clear that he does not really care what they think or more likely he thinks that they are too busy to chase him. At any rate the last thing was to go to https://www.theplateman.net/custom-show-plates/ and get a set of front and back license plates with the company name on it.. They are made to look like 1957 plates for this state and obviously we only use them after we get to the car show. It is a really sweet looking 1957 Chevy Nomad, which is probably the coolest station wagon that was ever built. We put a 390 in it, one that was shoehorned out of a 1971 Chevelle Super Sport which was bent up like a pretzel.

I did the paint, when the boss built our paint booth he made certain that it was more than big enough to handle a car and we had this Nomad in the paint booth for probably around 12 hours in total. We put layer after layer of paint and clear coat on it, polishing each coat. I was really pleased with myself after I finished, although the rest of the guys in my department were ticked about it. The entire time I was working on this we were really overloaded with the sort of jobs that brings in the money. Obviously the boss cares about that stuff, but it is obvious that he is already rich and cares a lot more about his toys. The next job will be a ’65 Mustang convertible for his grandson who won’t be able to drive for at least three years.